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Steps to make a Ax Carry that is hands-Free System

We keep an ax that is old my truck. It’s far from a grub ax. It’s razor-sharp and effective for harvesting wood that is desirable on roadside right-of-ways. The sling is constructed of nylon webbing attached with a down and(ugly that is dirty sheath. It is functional although not very pleasing to the eye that is woodsman’s.

Who cares, right? It gets the task done.

You don’t have actually to stay for function just. Shouldn’t a woodsman have actually both a practical cutting device, properly sheathed… and now have the capability to transport their ax hands-free with a rugged fabric sling? Yes he should.

Here’s just how to create your very own…

First, credit because of this brilliant concept goes to a write-up by Steve Watts and David Wescott in a problem of American Frontiersman mag. You’ll additionally find Watts and Wescott woodland that is sharing over at Chris Noble’s website, Master Woodsman. I pinned this article many months ago and, like many other DiY projects, forgot about this. Then a pal of mine, Kevin, delivered me personally a picture associated with the sling with a request to aid him make one. I figured We better make one for myself before welcoming him up to my store.

To produce this manly sling (the sheath calls for more material), all you’ll need is some scrap leather and some fundamental tools.

Tools and Material

  • An belt that is oldor two until you have actually a 44 inches waistline), a bag of scrap leather strips sold at art shops, or any fabric product 1.5 to 2 ins wide and 48 inches long
  • 1/8 inches wide fabric thongs to get in touch the reviews sheath towards the band (as well as splicing if required)
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Leather opening punch – rotary punch, awl, drill, ice choose, etc.
  • Right advantage

Cut to Length

I’m 5′-10″ high as well as typical create. My sling is 48 ins on a classic Plumb Boy Scout ax which steps 26 inches long. The 2 leather-based thongs connecting the sling into the sheath provide for size modification if required for hefty cold weather use.

Spliced in order to make 48 ins

The strip that is longest of fabric during my remnant case ended up being 41 inches long. We spliced a single base area to your sling to make the journey to 48 ins. The splice is thought by me enhances the look.

The width associated with the sling should fall between 1.5 and 2 ins.


To splice two pieces, overlap the two ends about two ins and punch 4 symmetrical holes through the overlapped fabric (stitching the splice is a choice). Thread a 12 inches leather thong through the holes to help make a “x” pattern facing the surface for the sling. Connect the ends underneath with a knot that is squareright over left, left over right).

Underside view associated with the splice

Affix to Sheath

Punch two holes within the heel percentage of the sheath. Follow this link for ax terminology and physiology. Punch two holes in one single end for the sheath. Thread an eighteen inch thong through the sheath holes after which in to the two holes regarding the sling. Connect them down with a knot that is square the interior for the sling. The 18 inches thong should offer you sufficient product to modify the sling for the stature and clothing that is seasonal.

On top side of the sheath (poll end), punch one hole about 1/2 inches through the side of the sheath. Now punch two holes when you look at the staying end for the sling. These holes are about 1/2 inches in through the end for the sling. Thread another thong through the sheath opening and in to the two holes into the sling. Connect a knot that is square secure.

Cut a Slit

For a 3/4 ax, measure about 14 to 15 ins along the sling where it links to your poll end regarding the sheath. Mark and punch a little centered opening in the sling. From that opening, determine another 4 ins and mark and punch another centered gap. Utilizing a straight advantage, cut a slit totally through the sling involving the two holes. The ax handle will drive in this slit. For longer ax handles, you may need certainly to adjust the slit positioning.

Slit positioning for a 3/4 ax

Fit and Finish

To test out your brand-new hands-free ax holding system, insert the ax handle into the slit in the sling and secure the sheath regarding the ax mind. Now you’re prepared to strike the forests any way you like. Just eliminate the sheath, slip the ax handle through the sling, and do what this important device is made for… cutting material!

Ax Associated Resources

Here’s our video clip on making the hands-free system (frontier design sheath and sling). Begin at 16:25 in the event that you just like to result in the sling. Thank you for viewing, and, please sign up to our YouTube channel!

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