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How often do you think about the importance of onboarding? Business owners have a tendency to focus on recruiting at the expense of onboarding. Though recruiting is important, it’s only the first step in helping an employee become invested in your company.

Here are just a few reasons to improve your onboarding process:

  1. Effective onboarding helps employees succeed
  2. Effective onboarding lowers employee turnover
  3. Effective onboarding increases productivity
  4. Effective onboarding strengthens your reputation

Effective Onboarding Increases Productivity By Helping Employees Succeed

Engaged employees want to succeed and advance in their jobs. They are dedicated to your business objectives.

Effective Onboarding Saves Money By Lowering Turnover

Lax onboarding is costly because it increases turnover. You’re probably aware of how costly it is to hire a new employee. It costs between 100% and 300% of the employee’s salary to recruit, hire and train. Improving onboarding is a sensible investment.

Effective Onboarding Improves Your Reputation

When your employees are confident, they feel good about your business. They leave positive reviews on Glassdoor and other review sites. Your reputation is critical for customer loyalty as well.

How Long Should It Last?

It may take longer than you think. The HR experts here at Horizon Payroll Solutions recommend at least three months.

If you take shortcuts, new hires are less likely to stay. One third of U.S. employees have quit a job in the first three months. ‘Lack of training’ is often the reason.

Ideally, the manager and fellow team members will mentor the new hire for several months.

What Is Structured Onboarding?

Onboarding is a multi-step operation. Follow best practices. Document it and track the steps. Good onboarding software makes it quick and easy.

Effective Onboarding Reflects Your Company

Good onboarding communicates the personality of your organization. Work with marketing to strengthen your brand through onboarding.

How Do I Improve Onboarding?

Horizon Payroll Solutions now offers a web-based onboarding system. ApplicantStack Onboard is affordable and easy to use. Set it up in minutes. Experience the benefits of structured onboarding and grow your business.

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