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employee scheduling software for grocery employees Miamisburg

Today’s case study explains how the owner of a small grocery chain (four stores) saw the investment in Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite pay off in some unanticipated ways.

Grocery employee scheduling is a balancing act. Schedule too few employees and the long lines that result can cause prospective customers to leave before buying anything. Schedule too many and the increased cost of labor cuts into already-thin margins. Sending part-timers home early frustrates employees and creates an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Increasing Timekeeping and Scheduling Challenges

The store owner needed an automated WFM system for grocery stores that provided an easy way to design schedules, sling timekeeping tasks over to the workforce, track data for DOL compliance, and ensure that accurate time cards were submitted on time. The system had to be affordable and easy to implement, the managers couldn’t afford to spend hours being trained on a new system.

Solution – Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite

Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite delivered an affordable solution to the owner’s WFM challenges. The managers loved TimeSimplicity’s built-in schedule templates that can be customized and replicated in seconds. The Virtual Trade Board streamlines shift trades and automatically notifies the appropriate employees when a manager approves a request.

The TimeWorksPlus mobile app allows employees to clock in from their phone. This feature is especially handy for the team members who travel between stores. The supervisors enjoy how little time it now takes to create schedules and submit time cards to the payroll system.

Unexpected Benefits of Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite

The store owner and supervisors had expected Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite to make time and attendance collection easier, however, they didn’t realize how much it would reduce labor costs.

Eliminating Time Theft

The managers discovered that several associates had been intentionally punching in a few minutes early and punching out a few minutes late. Even worse, two stores had a couple of employees that had been buddy punching for each other. They had no idea how much this had been costing them.

Reduced Labor Costs

Because TimeWorksPlus has virtually done away with time theft, missed and duplicate punches, and unauthorized early punch ins, they have been able to limit the cost of labor.

Employee Self Service allows staff members to clock in, monitor their schedule, submit shift change requests, submit time cards, and monitor accruals online. The convenience and autonomy has elevated employee morale and reduced confusion.

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