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Today’s article is a Workforce Management case study of a nutritional supplement contract manufacturer with 45 full-time employees.

The company had only been in business for 18 months but was running at an impressive 80% capacity. The owner had a product development background but no experience managing a staff. She was trying to limit labor costs, stay compliant with overtime regulations, adequately cover all shifts, and keep highly-trained industrial equipment techs loyal.

To maintain profitability and guarantee a timely turnaround for their customers, the plant runs around-the-clock. This creates several Workforce Management challenges including controlling overtime when jobs are running behind, creating schedules that maintain productivity without lowering employee morale, keeping employees informed of schedule changes, and accurately tracking PTO accruals. The owner also wanted to be able to accommodate employees’ shift preferences as much as possible.

SOLUTION — Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite

Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite includes TimeSimplicity which offers expedited scheduling and TimeWorksPlus for integrated time and attendance tracking.

  • Build schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Customizable job codes make sure the right employees are scheduled
  • System automation finds eligible staff members to cover open shifts
  • Customized system warnings reduce over-staffing and unplanned overtime
  • Complete mobile coordination for employees and management
  • Employee Self Service allows staff to manage their time cards, post shift requests, and monitor PTO accruals
  • Maintains audit-ready records

The owner of the contract manufacturing facility was amazed at how rapidly Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite was up and running. Very little training was necessary because the system is as easy to use as an intuitive, well-designed app.

Employee morale improved in the first couple of weeks because of the Virtual Trade Board which keeps all employees notified about open shifts and allows interested team members to request shifts without having to talk to a manager. Supervisors approve shift change requests and the necessary team members are automatically notified. The supervisors welcome the fact that they no longer have to spend hours creating schedules and preparing time cards for payroll, and the owner welcomes the peace of mind provided by the compliance tools in Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite.

Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite was not established just for 9-5 offices. It is flexible and customizable to smoothly manage the complicated scheduling logistics of manufacturing facilities that run 24/7.

Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite from Horizon Payroll Solutions transformed Workforce Management for this company and continues to help them maintain a a dedicated crew. Call today for a demo.

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Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite includes TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, and TimeWorks Mobile. Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite is designed for busy employers like you who need to streamline scheduling, automate time and attendance tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and decrease labor costs.

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