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restaurant employee scheduling system

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Coat and Thai is an upscale Thai restaurant whose owners are planning to open a second location with hopes of franchising in the future. It deals with the complications common to the restaurant industry; service peaks, specialized staff, and high employee turnover.

Overwhelming Workforce Management Challenges

Coat and Thai’s single manager was the only one doing the hiring, scheduling, and time tracking, creating a bottleneck that soon became an all-consuming burden. She was handling employee time, attendance, and scheduling with a 90’s era punch clock, Excel spreadsheets, and a small dry erase board hung in the kitchen. The establishment has employees working from 5:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m., seven days a week, compounding the logistics of scheduling.

Additional complications included maintaining adequate staffing for every shift, adapting schedules to unanticipated surges in business, managing schedule requests, tracking employee meal breaks, and keeping skilled chefs and experienced servers from jumping ship to newer restaurants opening in the neighborhood; a sour prospect for any organization.

Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite Sweetens the Sour

Coat and Thai concluded that the first order of business was automating employee time and attendance. TimeWorksPlus allows employees to clock in/out from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to swamp the kitchen during critical shift changes, and allowing team members to merge in and out of shifts with increased efficiency.

Customers are enjoying better service, and Coat and Thai has done away with costly guesswork and back-dating when congestion forced team members to skip clocking in. Mobile clock also allows their head chef to clock in off site when purchasing produce at local farmer’s markets, saving time and reducing time card errors, something both management and employees appreciate.

Reduced Labor Costs

Coat and Thai has seen a decrease in labor costs as a result of incorporating integrated clock in/out features for unpaid meal times and breaks. Before Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite, associates often punched out for a meal and forgot to punch back in, creating problematic back-filling and costly guesswork. With Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite PunchLogic, busy staff members are only given logical options when accessing the clock in system to reduce mistakes, compile better records, and streamline payroll.

healthcare employee scheduling system MiamisburgFilling holes in the schedule has become much easier with the TimeSimplicity Virtual Trade Board. Previously, the manager would sling change requests to the staff, and then re-circulate when options were proposed. Now, staff members simply enter requests on the Virtual Trade Board. Managers can rapidly view, monitor and authorize shift request changes online. Once a shift trade is authorized, TimeSimplicity automatically alerts the appropriate associates. Since the system conversion, the restaurant has rarely been caught shorthanded. Job codes and pre-set requirements make scheduling effortless so classifications such as the age requirement to serve alcohol don’t get overlooked during shift swaps or replacements.

SOLUTION — Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite

  • TimeSimplicity for simplified restaurant scheduling and mobile coordination.
  • TimeWorksPlus for integrated time and attendance tracking.
  • Mobile access delivers employee access and management control.

The employees love the Virtual Trade Board because it has dramatically reduced the time it takes to manage work schedules and submit time cards. Many team members are college students whose schedules change each semester. Adjusting schedules to better deliver staff flexibility has dramatically improved employee morale and curtailed turnover.

Ready for Expansion

The owners of Coat and Thai are better prepared for planned expansion into new venues and franchising. With a handle on the challenges of crew scheduling, and seamless integration with payroll, owners and management can now concentrate on service and growth. Custom templates make schedule replication quick and easy, and centralized reporting allows the organization to monitor and accommodate changes while reducing expensive overtime, scheduling conflicts, and peak service emergencies.

Most importantly; associates are eager to participate in the growth of the company and share their enthusiasm with their increasingly satisfied customers.

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